January 19

How I relate to rag dolls cats

I think There is many ways that I relate to a rag doll cat. First I’ll talk about how rag doll cats act And how I relate to that. Well l have a rag doll cat so I know a lot of this sort of stuff and their Attitudes can sometimes be a little surprising. Rag doll cats like to be lazy and sleepy but when in a cheerful mood they can be happy and excited which is a lot like my attitude.On top of that they’re real homebodies still adventurous but they love fluffy cushions and pillows which somehow relates to me in every way. 

December 2


File:White Ragdoll cat.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

I love my cat she is so calming and peaceful. example when I come home from a long hard day willow will come greet my at the door. she will let me pick her up and cuddle her she is all open to what I am going to say.